BY: Mark Sopcik, Vibedration CEO and Co-Founder

 September 24, 2017

Life is busy, and I’ve failed to stop and smell the roses on too many occasions. Sadly it often takes bad news to realize that life is short; enjoy the moment.
My grandma, Suzanne Lowe, was diagnosed with breast cancer over five years ago. All was well… until 12 days ago. The cancer spread to her brain. The message to the family was clear. “Come home.”
During my first night home, my grandma and I crossed paths for the first time at an early morning hour. She had wandered into the kitchen looking for a glass of water. A little disoriented, due to the medication and the fact it was 3am, I turned the light on in the kitchen. We hugged. We talked. We cried. I never cry. And that was the last time I would cry that weekend. She wouldn’t stand for it. We were going to enjoy the time with the family, celebrate life and “smell the roses.”
My grandma has always been the main force behind my competitive spirit. I’ll never forget the time when my aunt cheered for a goal scored by the other team, and my grandma told her to stop. Why is this so funny? They were five year olds playing youth soccer. Yes, five year olds! She wasn’t crazy or mean. She was loyal to her grandson. And winning was more fun!
The only problem is that not all battles can be won. As of now, cancer is one of those battles. But maybe we can change that?
When I left Florida to return to California, I made one promise to her: To do everything in my power to help others win the battle against cancer. Please help me fulfill the promise I made to my grandma.
50% of proceeds from sales of Vibedration PINK hydration packs and related PINK products will be donated to cancer research through 11/19/17 while supplies last.
Together we can make a difference. Share your photos of your pink Vibedration products and use the hashtag #UniteFightStayHydrated
Thank you for your support!
Do you have a story to tell? Please send an email to info@vibedration.com as we would love to feature more stories throughout the month of October.


1982 - Present Day
My amazing grandma and I over the past 35 years

Sopcik Family Photos


1988 - Long Boat Key, FL
Always an intense game of shuffle board with my grandma
Sopcik Family Shuffle Board, Long Boat Key, FL 1988