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Sunset Music Festival 2018 Recap

Vibe Team | May.30.2018

Sunset Music Festival Blog

SMF was here for a good time, not a long time…but boy was it a damn good time!!! We went head to head with Tropical Storm Alberto on Saturday, and never let him put a damper on our mood and good vibes! We shuffled and danced our rave booties off as the rain poured down, and it was a BLAST! For the mutual love of music, we all gathered in Raymond James Stadium, in Tampa, Florida to rage with our besties and make some new friends. The lineup included names like REZZ, Marshmello, NGHTMRE, Slander, Space Jesus, Hippie Sabotage, and K?D. Day two ended up getting cancelled due to the storm, but did you think that stopped us? NAH, we had to keep the party going! The cancellation led to almost 20 DJs taking over different venues around the Tampa area and selling them all out!

Sunset Music Festival 2018 Recap

Saturday morning, we put on our cutest festival outfits, doused ourselves in glitter (because you can never have enough), threw our festie necessities in our Vibedration packs, and headed out to the festival.

Top 5 things to bring to SMF:

  • Cute hydration pack – You’re dancing your butt off so whether it’s brutally hot or it’s practically a “tropical storm” you need to stay hydrated.
  • Hand sanitizer – After such a fun weekend, you don’t want go back to your daily routine with a cold.
  • Jacket – Pack a cozy sweater or jacket in your pack to pull out & wear when the night gets cooler.
  • Credit card – SMF is a cashless event, so make sure you have a way to top off your wristband while you’re there.
  • Portable phone charger – This event typically goes from 3pm – midnight. The one thing you don’t want to have is a dead battery.


Festival Fashion


First of all, who knew people could make ponchos look SO GOOD?!! People were accessorizing with pashmina scarves, trippy bandanas, face gems, glitter, and shout out to the real ones rocking their dope Vibedration packs. Whenever the rain stopped, ponchos and rain jackets came off and we got to see the creative outfits people put together. We saw so many cute, sparkly and shiny two-piece outfits, fishnets, and combat boots.

We were so happy to see so many of you vibing out and running around with our hydration packs. It’s so important for you guys to stay hydrated out there! And why not look good while you’re at it?


Festival Fun


There were so many fun things to do between catching sets! We had to hit up the Corona Electric Beach tent for Anna Lunoe’s set. Inside was a little beach paradise with cool lasers, lights, plants, and white beach sand to dance around in. Thankfully, BraidBabes had a booth at the festival to save our hair from the humidity and rain!! Another festival favorite is getting to try some delicious food from the vendors there. We treated ourselves and got a grilled cheese from Bees Knees while we took a break from dancing. 

SMF Tampa Blog

Sad that it only lasted a day, but at least it was one AMAZING day! You will definitely catch us at Sunset Music Festival 2019!


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