Stay Hydrated on Your Adventures with Vibedration

Vibe Team | August.02.2020

We want to be a part of your life's best moments—the adventures, laughing, singing, dancing, and partying. Vibedration hydration packs can keep you hydrated along the way. Never miss a moment of life’s great party again for water breaks as our hydration bags and backpacks are a stylish solution. 

Vibedration hydration packs are perfect for outdoor adventures, hiking, running, music festivals or raves. We offer an outstanding selection of designs for all the latest fashion trends with styles that express your one-of-a-kind personality. We’ve also got you covered with drawstring bags, cute fanny packs, crossbody bags, bucket hats and more.

Why Hydration is Important to Us

Staying hydrated keeps your body happy and grooving. Hydration is important to support your bodily functions, performance during exercise, and endurance throughout an activity. It also shows to help with your skin and beauty. We believe using our hydration packs during your adventures can help support getting proper hydration (and also prevent hangovers if you party hard 😉)

Our Hydration Packs

Pick the perfect hydration pack for you. Here’s a breakdown of our best hydration packs.

Mini h2o 1.0L Pack

Our Mini h2o 1.0L Hydration Packs are a hit for smaller adventures such a short walk or quick hike. It’s a favorite among our raver and festival goer’s for its ability to hold water and all your festival needs. It is also water resistant to keep your valuables protected and it's so trendy!

Mini h2o 1.0L Pack

GA 2.0L Pack

Our insulated GA 2.0L Hydration Pack is perfect for a day on the slopes or a longer hiking adventure in the great outdoors. You can take it from a music festival to any outdoor adventure and it’ll keep you hydrated while keeping your items safe.

Vibedration GA 2.0L Hydration Pack

VIP 2.0L Pack

Travel-ready, our versatile VIP 2.0L Hydration Packs are built to hold your festival and adventure essentials in 3 separate compartments. You’ll be able to stay hydrated and not have to worry about going without water. Our VIP Packs are perfect for long bike rides, paddle boarding, day hikes and weekender trips.

VIP 2.0L Hydration Pack

How to Take Care of Your Pack

As you’ll be using your Vibedration on all of your adventures, it’s important to take care of the pack so your water bladder stays clean and fresh for each use. You can see our step by step method for keeping your pack clean here

Don’t Need a Hydration Pack? Check Out Our Accessories!

We’ve got face masks, fanny packs, bucket hats, mini messenger bags, wallets and drawstring bags to complement any of your adventures coming up.

Vibedration Bucket Hats and Messenger Bags

Stock up on a Vibedration hydration pack to keep you hydrated on your adventures. And don't forget to tag us on Instagram @vibedration so we can see you living your best lives!

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