Okeechobee Music Festival 2018 Recap

Vibe Team | March.06.2018

Okeechobee Music Festival 2018

Sunshine, palm trees, yoga and all-night parties with 40,000 of our closest friends. These are just a few reasons why Okeechobee Music Festival is one of our favorite music festivals! Why listen to us? Hmmmm... maybe because we're obsessed with festivals? We've attended over 40 festivals since 2015 and "Okee" is like no other. Sunshine Grove, located 130 miles northwest of Miami, turns into four days of perfection during the first week of March. The diverse lineup included big names like Big Gigantic, Illenium, Bassnectar, Travis Scott and Snoop Dogg. Still feeling that FOMO??? 



After not sleeping for four days, it's a little tricky trying to explain our amazing weekend. Whoops? Maybe we should actually get sleep next year? Just kidding! Read on to hear why you CAN'T miss Okeechobee in 2019!

Okeechobee Music Festival 2018 - Camp Life

Camping at a music festival for four days takes a lot of preparation. Fortunately, we had a full shopping day on Wednesday where we picked up a large tent, comfy chairs, a cooler and a propane stove. Seriously, how could we cook gourmet noodles without a propane stove?

Vibedration Camping Experience

With our car packed to the brim with cute festival outfits, camping supplies, and snacks we made our way into the campground on Thursday afternoon. Upon arrival, the first and only work of the weekend was setting up our tent. Our 10 person tent was just the right size for the two of us and our oversized suitcases filled with festival necessities. What necessities you ask? Ok only because you asked :) Our packing list always includes sunscreen, external battery chargers, drinking water and way too many cute hydration packs. When you can't decide which pack to wear, bring one for every outfit!

Elena Cruz & Kylie Wells at Okeechobee Music Festival 2018 

Festival Fashion

Festival fashion is one of our favorite parts of every music festival as we love to see the creative, care-free spirit of so many beautiful people. From bohemian-themed elephant printed pants to chain-link skirts, we saw it all this weekend! Some of the our favorite trends included pashmina scarves, shiny bodysuits, chain bralettes and combat boots. We also loved seeing so many faces sparkle with Lunautics glitter and face gems!

And of course we were excited to see so many people staying hydrated with our stylish hydration packs, the most important festival necessity! From tie-dye and bohemian prints to holographic and transparent hydration packs, "Okee" was feelin' the VIBE!

Vibedration Ambassador Team

Our sleep-free weekend can be explained by the around-the-clock activities and music. The party started early with Bassnectar taking over the full moon party under the stars at Aquachobee on Thursday night. After Bassnectar, we headed over to Jungle 51, an after-hours stage, to listen to deep house beats in lush, laser-filled jungle.

After an amazing first night, we quickly recovered before our scheduled meet-up on Friday at the Big Wheel. It was so exciting to see so many Vibedration ambassadors and new faces who came to dance with Elena Cruz and take advantage of our special giveaways – hydration packs, Lunautics glitter, bandanas, pasties, pins and more!  We can’t wait for the next Vibedration meet-up at Beyond Wonderland in California on March 16th and 17th!

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In addition to all the amazing music, we stretched our limbs at Yogachobee, relaxed in the hammocks of Tea Lounge and explored the cool art installations. Wow! What a perfect week!

Vibedration ambassador team




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