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Lightning in a Bottle 2018 Recap

Vibe Team | May.31.2018

Lightning in a Bottle Recap

Lightning in a Bottle was nothing short of groovy dance moves, funky styles, and good vibes. We danced like no one was watching for five days straight! This was our longest festival yet and one of our new favorites.


Camping at music festivals


One of our favorite parts of LIB is the camping! The festival is held on the side of Lake San Antonio in sunny Bradley, California and since there are no hotels around, everyone was forced to disconnect for the weekend and really get in the festival spirit. We got the Early Arrival Passes this year because we knew we wanted to be close to the entrance and not far from the lake. Plus, we got to experience a whole extra day of music and activities before everyone got there!


Festival Fashion


The people at LIB weren’t dressed to impress but dressed to express. We saw a combination of vibrant two-piece sets, pashmina scarves, feather boas, leopard fur coats, & unicorn onesies! Everyone really showed off their individual style… we even saw someone dress up as a tree!

There was so much to do each day so it was important to pack multiple outfits and a lot of layers! We wore bathing suits and light clothing during the day, some cute yoga pants to try out acro-yoga in the afternoon and bundled up in our fur coats at night. A few new trends we saw were flare pants, one-piece bathing suits, floor-length kimonos, fanny packs, oriental fans, and colorful parasols.

Lightning in a Bottle Fashion

Five must-haves at LIB:

  1. Bandana – It was very dusty and since everyone is camping, you can’t get away from it.
  2. Fur coat – The temperature dropped to the forties at night and a fur coat was the perfect way to stay cozy & cute.
  3. Combat boots – Depending on where your camp is set up, it can be a very long walk to the festival entrance, so comfy closed-toe shoes are a must.
  4. Funky sunglasses – You can’t go to a festival without a fun pair of sunglasses!
  5. Vibedration pack (of course!) – Rock a cute and convenient hydration pack on your back to hold all of your necessities and most importantly, your water!


Music Festival Essentials


It was a good thing we were there for five days because there was SO much to do at Lightning in a Bottle! Between acro-yoga, playing in the lake, listing to eye-opening workshops, spinning fire & grooving to the music, there was a place for everyone. On Saturday, they held the 3rd Annual Soap Box Derby where dare-devils dressed up in their craziest outfits and raced down a hill in front of a huge crowd. We were loving it!

Since we didn’t know many people on the lineup, we discovered so many new artists, like Walker & Royce, MK, and Will Clarke. Our favorite sets to get down at were Sacha Robotti at the Favela Bar, Griz at the Lightning stage and Black Madonna the Woogie stage. Wow, what a perfect week!

Lightning in a Bottle 2018 Blog

Thanks to the magical art, the pumping beats, and the beautiful people, you can definitely catch us at Lightning in a Bottle 2019!

Hydration Packs for Music Festivals

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