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Lightning in a Bottle 2017 Recap

Vibe Team | June.01.2017

This past Memorial Day Weekend, thousands of music lovers traded backyard BBQ’s and sandy beaches for a transformative festival experience at the Lightning in a Bottle Arts and Music Festival.

Held on the lakeside meadows of Bradley, CA, this festival isn’t just about the music. Lightning in a Bottle is meant to be a diverse, interactive experience with workshops, classes, and other artistic attractions abound.

We sent our Vibe Tribe ambassadors to the festival to spread the love and show off our hydration packs. Before we get into all the cool highlights of LIB2017 we'd like to remind you of the cool contests we have going on. If you sign up to become a Vibedration ambassador, you could win a helicopter ride and shuffle lesson from Elena Cruz. Click here to enter.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming!

The Festival Art & Experience

The weather was beautiful for this year’s Lightning in a Bottle festival. For the first time in the festival’s history, Lake San Antonio was full enough that attendees were able to chill and swim in it. There was almost too much to do this weekend. We did yoga, listened to speeches, froliced around, danced, and interacted with inspiring art. The Do LaB, an LA art collective that produced the festival, is known for their interactive art pieces, and they did not disappoint.

From trippy tents covering the stages to surreal installations like an interactive hotel maze, this is far from a sterile festival experience. There were mind-blowing installations everywhere, and we had a great time wandering around and experiencing everything. Check out some of our favorite pieces:

Lightning in a Bottle 2017

Lightning in a Bottle 2017

The Music

Lightning in a Bottle is truly what you make of it. That’s why we love it so much. You can spend the whole weekend attending workshops and classes, or you can stay at the stages all day for an endless flow of that sweet bass music.

Bassnectar headlined, and if you’ve ever been to one of his shows, you know how intense he is. He’s perfect for Lightning in a Bottle. He played the festival during its early years, and his diverse sonic palette encapsulates the festival’s vibe. He’ll have everyone vibing out, lull the crowd into a philosophical monologue mixed into his set, and then ramp up the energy until the whole crowd is raging to an absurd amount of bass.

Kaytranada and Brasstracks were our personal favorites, but there were seriously too many amazing artists to count. We chilled out to Wafia and NoMBe, vibed with Too Many Zooz, and danced our faces off with TroyBoi. The music was beautiful, and the stage layouts were planned to perfection.

LIB 2017

Music Festival Clothing & Hydration Packs

There’s nothing more liberating than wearing anything you want to a music festival. No one will look twice if you want to dress up as a giraffe or wear a neon skin suit. Even with an electronic heavy lineup, the general style at Lightning leaned more towards ‘hippie’ than ‘neon raver’.

There were a lot of large-brimmed sun hats for a good reason. Although tents covered almost every activity and stage, the sun was out and shining. The weather was beautiful, and this weekend was transformative to say the least. We learned, we danced, and we met a group of amazing people. We’ll be back for Lightning in a Bottle 2018, will you?

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Until next time, Vibe Tribe out!

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