Importance of Hydration During COVID-19

Vibe Team | August.11.2020

As the connoisseurs of hydration, we’ve told our vibe tribe just how important it is to stay hydrated while being on the move. Our hydration packs were designed for any adventure and party to keep you going. We’ve promoted our tag line “Life’s a Party, Stay Hydrated” to keep that mentality alive throughout our community. Even though the party is on pause due to the pandemic, we want to remind you all why it’s so important to continue to stay hydrated during COVID-19.

To be clear, there is no clear evidence that suggests staying hydrated can keep you from getting COVID-19. This is just to promote how hydration can help with our overall health. It’s important to maintain a routine of taking care of yourself during this time to ensure your overall wellbeing. From hydration to immunity building, getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating well it’s important to keep a balance between all of these things.

Staying hydrated overall has shown to help with your bodily functions, improve skin, and overall endurance for your body. It can keep you energized throughout the day and prevent fatigue and tiredness. Since you’re probably not as frequently on the go due to Covid-19, it’s important to find ways to stay hydrated throughout the day. That way you'll be nice and hydrated when you’re ready to exercising or go on a hike.

Stay Hydrated During Covid-19

Here are some tips to promote hydration throughout your day:

  • Keep a water bottle near you while sitting at home, try to drink every hour
  • If you can’t remember the last time you chugged some water, could be good to chug some then
  • Use a hydration pack to bring along on your hikes and walks to keep you hydrated throughout the activity
  • Drink water before and after a meal to promote healthy digestion

We hope this provides some insight and guidance into staying hydrated throughout this pandemic. We hope you are staying safe and healthy out there!

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