How to Stay Healthy During Festival Season

Vibe Team | September.10.2019

When you go from festival to festival, event after event, you need to keep yourself healthy so you don’t get sick. Nothing is worse than getting sick post-festival and trying to recover so you don’t have to miss your next event. Especially if you’re on the 9-5 or job grind and have to work in between festivals, you can’t afford to get sick. We’re always on the festival work grind so we know from experience the best ways to stay healthy throughout festival season.

We just want to make it clear that staying healthy doesn’t have to look a certain way and can look different for everyone. We want to provide some helpful tips to keep your mind and body happy throughout festival season.


How to Stay Healthy During Festival Season

Be Active

We are not promoting to workout or be active to look a certain way. We are encouraging having an active lifestyle to get your body moving. This looks different for everyone. If you have a day job that requires a lot of sitting, it can be good to have something to get you moving. Some people like working out, taking walks or runs along the beach or around their neighborhood or taking workout classes like spin and yoga. It can vary for everyone, but as long as you have some activities for your body throughout the week it can help prepare your body for all the dancing and walking you do at festivals. Find something that works best for you.

With being active you can also prioritize stretching your body and muscles. Stretching can improve your flexibility, performance in physical activities (aka headbanging, shuffling, etc.), and can aid blood flow to your muscles. Adding in stretching to your daily routine will have your body feeling great going into a festival. Once it becomes a habit, you can stretch before and after a festival to truly take care of your body after standing, dancing and walking for 8+ hours.

Some festivals offer ways to stay active if you are looking to keep up with your lifestyle while at the festival. For example, Bonnaroo has a RooRun which is a 5k race around the festival grounds. A lot of festivals offer free yoga everyday like Electric Forest, EDC and Lightning in a Bottle to name a few.

TLDR: Maintain an active lifestyle in between festivals so that your body can perform the way it should during a festival and stretch those muscles!!


Yoga at Music Festivals

Nourish and Fuel Your Body

Eat food that makes your body feel good. Eat food to nourish and fuel your body. Everyone’s diets are different but finding foods that are nutritious for you is so important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Be careful with any crash diets or diet fads that cause you to restrict. Find a healthy balance between having nutrient-dense meals and snacks that satisfy those cravings that may not necessarily be “healthy”. Find those foods you genuinely love to eat and cook.

When the festival comes around it can be hard to find healthy meals at the festival. Find options that seem best for you. We love a good chicken tender or pizza moment and sometimes that might be the only option available. At least make sure to eat at the festival. Some healthy options can be grain or nourish bowls, smoothies, wraps and sandwiches. Sometimes vegan and vegetarian options have more healthy options available. Sometimes by day three of a festival your body is begging for some greens in your life. Food is fuel for you and is going to give you the energy to keep going for the rest of the day. Eat before, during and after the festival to make sure you’re giving your body what it needs to perform. 

TLDR: Food is fuel! No need to restrict, but find a healthy balance so that you are nourishing your body properly.

Drink Water

A hydration pack company telling you to stay hydrated? *pretends to be shocked* All jokes aside, prioritizing drinking water daily not just at a festival can have major benefits for you. It can impact your brain function and energy levels as well as aid in boosting your metabolism. How much water you drink a day depends on the person. What you can do is to consistently drink when you’re thirsty, during high heat and exercise to keep your body hydrated. Check out our festival hydration packs to keep cool while staying hydrated.

TLDR: Life’s a Party. Stay Hydrated.

Drink Water at Music Festivals

Prioritize Sleep

In case you didn’t know, you need sleep, we need sleep, everybody needs sleep. Sleep assists in so many functions for your body. It can help protect your mental health, support physical health and improves quality of life. Make sure you are getting enough sleep in your daily routine so that you can perform at your best. Nothing feels worse than going through your days sustaining yourself with caffeine to make it through. By prioritizing sleep, you can find that you can be more productive, present and alert in your day.

Whichever festivals you attend, you also need to get enough sleep. It can be fun to stay up all night long; however, with a multi-day festival it’s important to sleep so your body and mind can recover from the long day it just had filled with fun, music, and dancing. If you are at a camping festival, pack some high quality earplugs so you can tune out any noises and sleep like a baby.

Post-festival is a prime time to catch up on sleep. It can be hard to get back into a routine, but by making sure you catch up on sleep can help get you back into your groove. Sleep can also prevent you from getting sick before, during and after the festival so make sure you catch those Zs!

TLDR: Get enough sleep, your body will thank you for it!

Take Your Vitamins!

Make sure you consult with a doctor before committing to any vitamins. There are certain vitamins that can be helpful in building immunity, muscles, and overall mental health. You can look into taking a daily vitamin to help get the vitamins you need. Some common ingredients in a daily vitamin include Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Folate, and Vitamin B-12. You can work on getting these vitamins from your food and use a daily vitamin to help. Again we encourage consulting a doctor on what your vitamin regimen might be. You can utilize these vitamins during festivals to prevent sickness and sore muscles. Using vitamins in conjunction with our other tips can have your body performing at its best.

TLDR: Work with your doctor to create a vitamin regimen that is beneficial for your mind and body.

Take Care of Your Mental Space

Most of what we have talked about relates to improving the way your body performs and functions. With what we have suggested can also greatly help your mental space. It is important to protect and take care of your mental health as well. You can do this in many ways: taking time to meditate, journal, or read. Finding ways to take breaks and to relax to give yourself space will benefit you in the long run. When times get stressful, find healthy and safe ways to release. Be kind and patient to yourself and talk to someone when you need it most. 

Lots of festivals offer meditation classes, seminars on mindfulness or handling anxiety at festivals as well as offer support groups for those who may struggle in festival settings. Insomniac’s Ground Control is available as a resource for anyone who needs help. Electric Forest has support groups for festival goers who are choosing to enjoy the festival sober. Peruse around the festival website as they will typically have information about these opportunities to make sure you don’t feel alone.

Check up on your friends, family, and check-in with yourself. The post-festival blues can be hard and in between festivals can be stressful. If we’re all looking out for one another, we can help each other out. Take care of yourself and stay safe!

TLDR: Take care of your mental space and look after those around you.


Stay strong festival warriors! We hope with these tips you can maintain a healthy and active lifestyle in between festivals. We want to see you from festival to festival keeping it safe and staying hydrated. 

Resources: Crisis Text Line & Lines for Life Lifelines List

Stay Hydrated During Festival Season

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