How to Safely Spend Time Outdoors This Summer

Vibe Team | July.13.2020

With the pandemic still present in the United States, it’s hard to feel sequestered indoors when it’s summertime. While it’s mainly recommended to stay home during this time to reduce the spread of the virus, you can partake in certain activities outdoors. It’s important to get that Vitamin D and get outside, but it’s important to be safe about it. Whether you’re trying to hike, bike or paddle, here are some tips to ensure you can still enjoy summertime outside while staying safe during a pandemic. 

Please note: We are recommending you remain local with your activities. The farther you travel for your adventures, the higher the risk of spreading or catching the virus.

How to Safely Spend Time Outdoors


  • Check your local guidelines for restrictions in your city.
  • Check local government and recreation websites to see what’s open and if they have any capacity restrictions.
  • Reserve a pass if needed to visit a certain local or national park.
  • Select a day or time that won’t be as busy i.e. daytime during the week might be less busy than on the weekends.
  • Have a backup plan in case your destination is busy.
  • Pack a source of water like a Vibedration hydration pack, hand sanitizer, first aid kit, snacks, face mask, sunscreen, sunglasses and whatever else you need for your activity.
  • Keep your group small to the people within your household.
Hiking with Vibedration hydration pack

While Out and About…

  • Practice social distancing from other groups that you may encounter, give them space.
  • Should you encounter people outside of your household wear your mask when passing by or interacting.
  • Stay safe and be cautious so you don’t incur any major injuries; wouldn’t want to make a hospital or urgent care run during this time.
  • Have hand sanitizer on hand to keep your hands clean.
  • Stay hydrated throughout your activity to ensure your body is hydrated.
  • If at any point you feel uncomfortable with the amount of people or there’s crowding, go home. 
  • Leave no trace make sure you hold onto any and all trash and properly dispose of it. Nature should still be respected and taken care of. 

We hope this helps you enjoy your summer while still staying safe. Bookmark these tips so you can ensure the safety of yourself and others in your community. Tag us on Instagram in your adventures this summer and pick up a 2.0L hydration pack to stay hydrated while on them.

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