Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Vibe Team | December.10.2019

Temperatures are dropping, pumpkin spice is in the air and the end of the year is near. We are ending the year with a bang and offering deals to make your holiday shopping as easy as possible. Holiday Dealz are in full effect for the Vibe Tribe where you can purchase any combo pack and receive a pack for free. Do not miss out on this deal to get two packs for the price of one! If you’re stuck on which pack is right for you or for the person you’re gifting to, we’ve created a guide to help make your shopping easier. 

For the Headbangers

Gifts for the Bass Heads 

For our rail riders, we recommend our GA 2.0L Packs and VIP 2.0L Packs to keep you hydrated while you’re head-banging. No one wants to leave the middle of a set to fill up so this will last you while you’re breaking your neck or getting into mosh pits. Check out the Bass Head Collection.

For the Rave Moms and Dads

Shop the Rave Collection 

Rave moms and rave dads are always locked and loaded with anything and everything their squad might need throughout a festival. A pack with lots of space is key to keep them organized and their stuff safe. We recommend the All-Access 2.0L Backpacks and the VIP 2.0L Packs for optimum space. Check out the Ready 2 Rave Collection.

For the Forest Fam (AKA Camping Festival Warriors)

Shop the Forest Collection 

We have tons of fun prints dedicated to our camping festival fam. We have a Metallic Space print and a Psychedelic Swirls print for the forest family as well as tons of other hippie trippy prints to match any kind of vibe. Check out the Hippie Hydration Collection.

For the Shufflers and Flow Artists 

 Shop the Rave Collection

Our movers and groovers need something lightweight that can hold their stuff. We highly recommend the Mini Messenger BagsFanny Packs and Mini h2o 1.0L Packs to hold any essential items and keep them safe. These bags will also look great as you’re moving across the dance floor. 

Wishing you a happy holiday season from the Vibedration team! Don’t forget to shop our Holiday Dealz and be sure to tag us in your Vibedration swag this holiday season.

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