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Firefly Music Festival 2017 Recap

Vibe Team | June.29.2017

This past weekend, while the West Coast hosted the insanity that is EDC (check out our recap), thousands of music lovers on the East Coast packed up their camping gear and headed to the woods of Dover, Delaware for a magical weekend at Firefly Music Festival 2017.

Vibedration set up shop and brought the Vibe Tribe ambassadors to chill out, listen to music, and spread the word about the best hydration pack for music festivals.

The Firefly 2017 Experience

Standing in stark contrast to the madness of EDC, Firefly feels like a really big camping trip with 90,000 of your best friends. The weather forecast was ominous and threatened to ruin the fun, but in a benevolent gesture from the powers that be, the rain held off for the most part.

Firefly isn’t flashy, and it’s not trying to be. The organizers designed chill places to hang out, play sports, and vibe out, but the main focus at Firefly is 100% on the music. There are stages tucked in the woods, a brewery with a view of the main stage, and plenty of other hidden gems to discover.

The Music

Firefly featured a diverse lineup of top tier talent as usual, although there was a slight shift towards R&B and pop from previous years.

On Thursday, O.A.R. gave an intimate performance to a packed in crowd on the petite Coffee House stage and doubled down with an additional hour of music on the larger Lawn Stage later at night.  The standout of Thursday, however, was Glass Animals, who have been dominating the festival circuit this year.

Firefly Music Festival 2017

On Friday, we woke up to the sweet music of The Lawsuits at 10 in the morning. Firefly really doesn’t waste time getting right into the music.

After a long day of relaxing and exploring the festival grounds, we buckled down for the night’s barrage of amazing artists. Started at 6:15pm with Franz Ferdinand, we saw back to back sets from Lil Dicky, Weezer, Miike Snow, Twenty One Pilots, and Flume.

Saturday was heaven for pop and rap lovers including performances from Kesha, Wale, Chance the Rapper, and the Weeknd.

Wale’s set took us by surprise. He played with a full band of incredible musicians who really gave his performance that special something. Since you’re probably wondering, yes, we did cry nostalgic tears of joy when Wale played “No Hands”.

Sunday ended with a more rock-oriented lineup including the Shins, 30 Seconds to Mars, and legendary rockers Muse, who made their Delaware debut at Firefly.

Dylan Francis, flying in straight from EDC, showed up on Sunday night to remind Firefly how to rage. He absolutely crushed it and was the perfect artist to close the festival.

Firefly Music Festival 2017 Vibedration Dress to Impress

Music Festival Gear - The Best Hydration Pack for Music Festivals

Just as Firefly itself is less flashy than other festivals, attendees’ outfits reflected the same sentiment. In general, people dressed for comfort (without losing that magic music festival vibe, of course.)

We were thrilled to see so many beautiful people sporting Vibedration designer hydration packs at the festival. Staying hydrated is crucial when you’re camping and dancing under the sun all day, and it’s easy to become dehydrated when you don’t have water on hand.

Firefly Music Festival 2017

Vibedration designer hydration packs allow you to keep cool and express yourself while you vibe out to your favorite artists all day. From Coachella hippie to EDC trippy, there’s something available for everyone.

Firefly was an unforgettable experience, and we’re already planning our trip to Firefly 2018. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

If you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on social @vibedration. Until next time, Vibe Tribe out.

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