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Electric Forest 2017 Recap

Vibe Team | July.07.2017

Electric Forest has to be the most surreal music festival in existence. Every year, Sherwood Forest in Rothbury, Michigan transforms into a trippy wonderland filled with ornate stages, dazzling lights, and installations to keep you entertained for days.

This year, in an unprecedented move to accommodate the growing crowd size, Electric Forest expanded to take place over two weekends.

Electric Forest was an extra special occasion for us too. Not only was Vibedration the OFFICIAL HYDRATION PACK OF ELECTRIC FOREST 2017, but we went all out on a new, custom built activation station just for this festival.

Welcome to the Amazing “Vibedration N’ Chill” Station!

Vibedration and Chill - Electric Forest 2017

Our Chill Station was a 20ft x 20ft set up. It wasn’t quite as tall as the trees around us, but it held it’s own at 20 feet high. You couldn’t miss it when walking to the Tripolee stage or Ranch Arena stage.

The activation represented an ecosystem: the chairs are waves of water, the succulents on the V’s inside the booth represent life, and the open/shaded top of the booth represents air and allowed for a nice breeze to flow through. It was a true piece of art, featuring a gigantic sequin Vibedration logo and a light display that blended into the majesty of the forest at night. It was one of the few places our Forest Fam could hang out and rest their feet.

Our second activation was a 10ft x 20ft booth inside the campground, conveniently located right next to one of the main water stations. Check out the Dillon Francis piñata, named Gerald posing in front of it!

Vibedration and Chill - Electric Forest 2017

The Music

Electric Forest is unique in that it blends jam bands into an EDM-heavy lineup. Think Lockn’ meets EDC. For those who love vibing out to the improvisation of Lotus and Pigeons Playing Ping Pong just as much as they love raging to Bassnectar and Dillon Francis, Electric Forest is a rare treat.

The String Cheese Incident and Lotus played both weekends, and the Revivalists made an appearance to the delight of a roaring crowd. During String Cheese’s second weekend set, they played a goosebump-inducing cover of the Beatles’ Dear Prudence as a giant heart-covered hot air balloon drifted above the crowd. String Cheese is an Electric Forest staple, and we loved every second of their set.

On the electric side of things, the talent was stacked to the brim. Troyboi, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Flume, and RL Grime gave some of our favorite performances, but as usual, no one could top Bassnectar. The Bassnectar experience is simply unparalleled, and you can’t really understand why until you see him. He started his second weekend set off with a video explaining how to make a butterfly out of sound waves and led the crowd through over an hour of earth shaking bass intertwined with philosophic sound bites and awe inspiring visuals.

The Experience

There’s a true sense of family at Electric Forest, which is exactly why the organizers decided to spread the festival out over two weekends. They didn’t want the growing popularity to spoil the forest vibes.

The Sherwood Forest grounds are ripe for exploring, filled with beautiful art installations and designs, cool hangout spaces and vendors, a ferris wheel, and thousands of happy campers. Walk around the festival and you’ll immediately make new friends and be wished a ‘happy forest’ a dozen times. There are giving trees and hideaways where attendees leave gifts for each other to take, and there’s even a unique shop called the Trading Post where you can barter and trade for unique knick knacks and antiques.

Electric Forest 2017

Electric Forest 2017

Music Festival Gear and Rave Trends

The outfits at Electric Forest and EDC make the ones at Firefly and Bonnaroo look like practical formalwear.

While EDC brings out the rave booty, the outfits at Electric Forest are more of a rave-psychedelia mixture. The Vibe Tribe was out in their custom shirts and snapped photos of some of the best outfits from the festival. The squad of bathing suit beauties and bundle of bass babes were definitely our favorites.

Electric Forest 2017 Outfits and Trends

The Best Hydration Packs for Music Festivals

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated when you’re raging at Electric Forest all weekend. Traditional hydration packs might get the job done, but you’ll look like your dad dressed you for a fishing trip. Vibedration’s Designer Hydration Packs keep you hydrated while you express yourself. It was awesome seeing so many people matching their outfits with our packs.

Electric Forest 2017 Outfits

From Coachella hippy to Electric Forest trippy, there’s a style to match everyone’s personality. Check out our 25 packs that are all under $25!

We’re already planning our outfits for Electric Forest 2018, hopefully we’ll see you there!

Until next time, Vibe Tribe out.

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