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Bumbershoot 2017 Recap

Vibe Team | September.05.2017

This Labor Day weekend, the Vibe Tribe was in Seattle, Washington for three days at Bumbershoot 2017. This longstanding festival features a diverse lineup of music ranging from rock to EDM and everything in between.

Also, if you’re wondering, the name Bumbershoot means umbrella and refers to the infamous Seattle weather as well as the festival’s inclusive spirit for all the arts. The festival features music, art, comedy, yoga and more.

Bumbershoot 2017

Bumbershoot 2017 Music

In this digital era, the average person has a much more diverse taste in music than ever before, which is why Bumbershoot is so refreshing. The lineup looks like it was curated from someone’s personal Spotify playlist.

There was angsty folk rock from Conor Oberst, funky grooves from the Roots, ratchet rap from Lil Yachty, face melting EDM from Dillon Francis, and nostalgic sing alongs from Weezer. 

The festival kicked off on Friday night and went off without a hitch in a nod to Bumbershoot’s inclusivity for all genres of music. Foster the People played their patented band of dreamy electro-rock pop as they opened up for rapper Big Sean. Flume headlined the first night, and sent shivers down our spines with an amazing stage setup and unforgettable performance.

The rest of the weekend was just as energetic as the first night, with performances from Lorde, Flo Rida, Gucci Mane, Die Antwoord, and ODESZA. Dillon Francis played Saturday night, which brings us to ask: How the hell has he performed at every music festival this summer? We’re convinced he has a body double or is actually a superhuman, because we’ve seen him everywhere this summer.

Bumbershoot 2017 Experience

For the size of the music festival, the Bumbershoot grounds at the Seattle Center are surprisingly compact. It’s nice because you don’t have to spend your entire day walking all over the place. In addition to the music, there’s yoga, comedy, movies, and a load of other sweet hangout spots.

There were also plays, a poetry slam, movies, pop up stores, and local art. It’s basically impossible to run out of things to do at Bumbershoot.

Bumbershoot 2017

Bumbershoot 2017 Outfits and Hydration Packs

There’s no camping at Bumbershoot since it’s held in downtown Seattle, which means people dressed their best and had amazing outfits every day.

As always, the Vibedration team was out spreading the word about the best hydration packs for music festivals and making sure the Bumbershoot fam was hydrated. No bumbershoots were needed this year, the sun was out and the weather was hot, which is why it was so crucial to have water on hand at all times.

Vibedration’s designer hydration packs help you stay hydrated while expressing yourself. Our pack designs are as diverse as the music at Bumbershoot. From Coachella hippie to EDC trippy, there’s a style for everyone. They also happen to be on sale, so check out our summer sale while it lasts.

Summer’s almost over, so we’ll be planning our outfits for the next festival season and dreaming about Bumbershoot 2018. Until then, Vibe Tribe out!

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